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The mission of the Travis AFB Heritage Center is to educate Airmen assigned to Travis AFB and the 60th Air Mobility Wing (AMW)
 in their development and understanding of the history of each, portraying the significance and importance of its worldwide strategic air mobility, humanitarian airlift efforts and nuclear deterrence through the use of static aircraft and informative exhibits.

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Travis Heritage Center Acquires AF’s Largest Static Display
C-5A "Galaxy" lands at Travis Air Force Base

A C-5A Galaxy lands at Travis Air Force Base, Calif., July 26, 2017. The C-5, Tail No. 0451, spent nearly 20 years operating at Travis from 1973 to 1992 and is the Air Force's second-to-last operational C-5A. The aircraft is slated to be placed on static display at the Travis Heritage Center. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Heide Couch)

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The following by Staff Sgt. Charles Rivezzo, 60th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs. Published August 01, 2017

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – The Air Force’s second-to-last operational C-5A "Galaxy" embarked on its final flight July 26, landing at Travis Air Force Base, California, where the aircraft is slated to be placed on static display.


The C-5, Tail No. 0451, spent nearly 20 years operating at Travis from 1973 to 1992, a designator that led base officials to choose the aircraft when submitting their request to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

“Other than a brief stay at Charleston (Air Force Base) prior to coming to Travis in the 1970s, this is where it spent its active-duty years,” said Rick Shea, Travis Heritage Center curator. “This is home. It needed to be here.”


For the last two decades, the aircraft was being operationally flown by the Air Force Reserve at Westover Air Reserve Base, Massachusetts.


The end state objective of the static display project is to position the aircraft in an empty site adjacent to a static C-141 Starlifter – two aircraft synonymous with the installation.


“When Travis Air Force Base is mentioned to anyone, people’s minds automatically think C-141s and C-5s,” said Shea. “Travis is airlift. To have the Air Force’s largest airlift platform on display is huge for us. It’s huge for educational reasons, esprit de corps purposes as well as being a significant accomplishment for the Heritage Center.

60th AMW

Travis Heritage Center Volunteers recently upgraded our exhibit ot the Hollywood Musical, "Starlift". Warner Bros. produced the 1951 musical to support the troops involved in the Korean Conflict and to raise awareness regarding their service.

Directed by Roy Del Ruth. With Doris Day, Gordon MacRae, Virginia Mayo, Gene Nelson.

Operation Starlift was set in place by the Air Force and the Hollywood studios to have Hollywood stars perform at Travis Air Base for G.I.s in transit to and from the Korean War.

Stop by and check out our Movie Theatre.

Operation Starlift
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THC Volunteer Workforce

Volunteers from the Travis Heritage Center (above) working on the C-7A wash day and restoration project. The Heritage Center relies on the help of our valued volunteer workforce to keep our planes and exhibits in excellent display condition.

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The literal translation of “Volunteer Air Force” is a group of people who join the military rather than being conscripted or drafted.  Loosely translated, the term means “there’s a job to do and you’re the Airman tasked to do it.”

At the Travis Heritage Center at Travis Air Force Base, California, volunteer force describes people who continue to serve the military, but without pay.


  • Primary Function: Outsize cargo transport

  • Prime Contractor: Lockheed-Georgia Co. 

  • Power Plant: Four General Electric TF-39 engines (C-5A,B,C)/ Four F-138 General Electric engines (C-5M) 

  • Thrust: 43,000 lbs, each engine (C-5A,B,C)/ 51,250 lbs, each engine (C-5M) 

  • Wingspan: 222 ft. 9 in. (67.89 meters

  • Length: 247 ft. 1 in. (75.3 meters

  • Height: 65 ft. 1 in. (19.84 meters

  • Cargo Compartment:     - Height, 13 ft. 6 in. (4.11 meters)      - Width, 19 ft. (5.79 meters)      - Length, 143 ft., 9 in. (43.8 meters

  • Pallet Positions: 36 

  • Maximum Cargo: 270,000 lbs (122,472 kilograms

  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 840,000 lbs (381,024 kilograms

  • Speed: 518 mph 

  • Unrefueled Range of C-5M: About 4,800 nautical miles, e.g., Dover AFB, Del., to Incirlik AB, Turkey, with 120,000 lbs (wartime planned load) of cargo. About 7,000 nautical miles with no cargo on board. 

  • Crew: Seven (pilot, co-pilot, two flight engineers and three loadmasters

  • Fly Away Unit Cost: C-5A--$152.8 million (fiscal 1998 constant dollars); C-5B--$179 million (fiscal 1998 constant dollars); C-5C (Space Cargo Modification)--$88 million (fiscal 1998 constant dollars); C-5M (RERP Modification)--$90 million (fiscal 2009 constant dollars

  • Deployed: C-5A in 1970; C-5B in 1986; C-5C in 1988; C-5M in 2009 

  • Inventory: Total C-5 fleet changes monthly based on congressional approval of C-5A retirements; 52 C-5Ms are scheduled to be in the inventory by fiscal 2017; 16 C-5Ms have been delivered through December 2013.

C-5, Tail No. 0451, awaiting preparations for its permanent location

Currently, the C-5, Tail No. 0451, resides on the Travis AFB flight line while preparations
for its permanent location, near the Travis Heritage Center, are finalized.