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Contact Travis AFB Aviation Museum

TRAVIS AFB Aviation Museum
Building 80, 461 Burgan Blvd., Travis AFB, CA 94535

Main Office:  (707) 424-8180
Curator:  (707) 424-5598
Gift Shop:  (707) 424-4450
Reception Desk: (707) 424-8180
Volunteers:  (707) 424-8180
Library:  (707) 424-5010

Website Management: Steve Dmytriw
Phone:  (707) 424-6732
Fax:  (707) 424-4599

TRAVIS AFB Aviation Museum Foundation
Non-profit Board of Directors of the Travis Air Force Base Heritage Center

President:  Bob Whitehouse

Vice-Presdent: Larry Bradford

Secretary:  Ruth Whitehouse
Treasurer: Roger Brummer

Director: Ron Burks

Director:  David Fleming

Director: Zen Hunter-Ishikawa

Director: Frank Padilla

Director: Enrique Ugalde

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