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Volunteers are the life’s blood of the Foundation and the Travis AFB Aviation Museum. Day in and day out, they provide a myriad of services for the Foundation and the museum

moving the C-141 ”Golden Bear”

The Big Move!

moving the C-141 ”Golden Bear”

Obstacles No Match For Our Volunteers

It took teamwork to restore and move the C-141 ”Golden Bear.”   The expensive and complex operation was a perfect example of what the foundation does: bringing together resources to preserve our aviation heritage.

How To Become A Volunteer

Volunteers at the Travis AFB Aviation Museum enjoy a real sense of camaraderie, in a flexible environment that appreciates the value of their time and commitment. We use their particular skill or area of interest to fulfill the needs of the Aviation Museum. We encourage you to become an Aviation Museum volunteer... give the gift of time. Even a small commitment of time, can make a real difference. It's a great opportunity to share your excitement and enthusiasm about aviation, while making a positive impact in the community. If you’re interested, please fill out and return the Volunteer Application formBy volunteering at the museum you can make a difference in preserving our the history of our country for future generations to view. We look forward to hearing from you. From docents to artisans, mechanics to shop keepers, we appreciate the gift of time and talent.

The Travis AFB Aviation Museum is proud of the work our Volunteers accomplish on a daily basis. We welcome volunteers and/or organizations to help with our daily tasks, both inside and outside of the Heritage Center. We currently are in need for volunteers to fill these positions:

Volunteers At The Monthly Luncheon
  1. Gift Shop:  Volunteer to work in the gift shop on a part-time or full-time position. The gift shop hours are from 10am to 3pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  Proceeds from the Gift Shop support the Travis AFB Heritage Center.

  2. Special Projects:  Volunteers (on-call) to work with the regular volunteers when they need extra help at the Heritage Center. You will be on a call-up list and would be contacted either by phone or e-mail.

  3. Docent:  We need volunteers to accompany the tours (schools, seniors, individuals and organizations) that visit our Heritage Center.

  4. General Work:  There is always something to do at the Heritage Center, from maintaining the Heritage Center’s aircraft, engines, artifacts or vehicle maintenance.

Volunteers At The Monthly Luncheon

Travis AFB Aviation Museum Foundation Membership


The Travis AFB Aviation Museum Foundation is registered as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


Since 1982, members of the Travis AFB Aviation Museum Foundation have been essential in the creation and support of the Travis AFB Aviation museum.  By joining, you are a part of a treasured group of patriotic people who are dedicated to supporting legacy of the men and women of Travis Air Force Base.

Life Members (individuals and organizations listed below have contributed $1,000 or more):

Adair, Jay
Adams, William & Marijane
Anderson, George
Anderson, Sidney
Anderson, Doreen
Anthony, John
Arnold, Robert
Axelson, Harold
Bailey, Warren
Ball, David
Barber, Michael
Batson, Jack
Benson, Linn
Bennett, Donald
Bergerot, Paul
Boes, John
Brem, Garry
Buchanan, George
Burch, Robert
Burgan, Curtis
Burgan, Lillian
Burks, Ron & Denell
Clement, Eugene
Colgan, Jane
Conrad, William

Couvillon, Lanny
Cuslidge, Mel
Davis II, Stanley
Colgan, Edward
Dawes, Charles
Dawes, Clive
Dawes, Jeneysa
Dawes, Jessica L.
Dawes, Patricia
Doolittle, John & Priscilla
Dowling, Dan
Elsayed, AL M.
Evans, Roger
Farha, Jimmie
Firman, Bill
Fleming, Dave
Fleming, Buff
Foster, John
Fry, Kenneth
Furtado, William
Getz, Dean
Getz, Valerie
Gonge, John
Gonzales, Robert

Hahner, Wayne

Hancock, Don 
Hastings, David
Hopkins, William
Inocencio, Joe
Inocencio, Debbie
Irvin, Robert
Jacobs, Nina
Johnson, Brett
Johnson, Earl
Jolly, Joseph
Kane, Penny
Keefer, Bob
Kennedy, Jack & Wanda
King, John
Klein, Raymond
La Maida, Terry
Littman, Art
Lund, Richard
Maguire, Robert
McPherson, James
Melcher, Leonard
Melvin, Eugene & Karen
Melvin, Karen

Melvin, David

Melvin, Michael

Miller, Jerome
Mitchell, Wally
Morales, Jose
Morrison, Harold & Shirley
Morey, James
Mount, Frank
Olsen, Eugene
Parrott, Ron
Peacock, Betsy
Person, Jack
Popenoe, Andy
Power, Mrs. Robert
Power, Edwin
Prevost III, Steret
Proctor, Doris
Queen, J.B.
Rengstorf, Larry
Riehl, Marvin
Rowland, Herm
Rombauer, Koerner
Samolis, Ruth
Sample, Robert

Sams, Jr., John

Scott, Walter

Skinner, Robert

Smith, James F
Wiley, James
Tait, John & Susan
Takeuchi, John
Teaderman, Patricia
Thompson, Mike
Tobin, Louis S
Tobin, Louis J
Tobin Jr. Louis
Townsend, Stephanie
Tucker, George
Ugalde, Enrique
Vance, Richard & Helen
Vieira, Angelo
Wahleithner Family
Whitehouse, Bob & Ruth
Williams, Katherine
Woodrow, Fail
Woodward, Edward
Wright, Guy & Dianne
Yin, C.C.
Youngberg, John


Air Force Association, Chapter 113
All Points Petroleum
Axiom Advisors & Consultants, Inc.
Rombauer Vineyards
Dowling Properties Rentals
Fairfield Host Lions
Fairfield-Suisun CofC, Military Affairs
First Northern Bank

Gilchrist Golf Cars

Heart Federal S & L

Kaiser Permanente

Kiwanis Club of Fairfield

Lockheed-Georgia Company

Order of the Daedalians, Flight 5

Sam's Club Foundation

Solano Garbage Company

Solitude Wines
Travis Credit Union
Travis Enlisted Wives Club
Travis Officers Wives Club
Vacaville Chamber of Commerce, Military Affairs
Vacaville Rotary Club
Yin McDonalds

Travis AFB Aviation Museum Foundation Gift Shop


Proceeds Support the Travis AFB Aviation Museim

Specializing in Quality Aviation and Military Merchandise
10am - 3pm   •   (707) 424-4450


Items Available in the Gift Shop

Art, Belt Buckles, Books, Bumper Stickers, Calendars, Caps, Cards, CDs, Coasters, Coins, Cups, DVDs, Flags, Jackets, Jewelry, Key Fobs, Magnets, Model Aircraft, Mugs, Patches, Pencils, Pens, Pins, Play Sets, Posters, Post Cards, Shirts, Shot Glasses, Toys, Tee Shirts, Videos, Wind Socks.  We also have available a few Limited Edition Aviation Prints.

Event Sponsors & Community Partners

Event Sponsors & Community Partners

The Aviation Museum Foundation expresses its sincere thanks to the following corporations, foundations, government and individual sponsors for their generous support. Their leadership, vision and generosity are truly appreciated.  Please visit the websites of our sponsors and partners by clicking on their names or logos below.

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Dan Schaefer on Behalf of All Veterans

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Friend Raisers LLC

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Potrero Hills Landfill

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Donate a Legacy Brick


C-47 Donation from Duncan Miller

C-47 Donation from Duncan Miller

The Travis AFB Aviation Museum Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization recognized under code section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Artifact Donations
If you would like to donate an artifact to the Travis Air Force Base Heritage Center the Curator must approve it. The museum cannot guarantee that all items will be accepted as donations. Additionally it cannot guarantee that all accepted items would always be displayed. For more information on making a gift please call (707) 424-8180.

Photo Left: Duncan Miller (middle), Board of Directors member and aviation guru extraordinaire signs the paperwork donating his C-47 “Okie Dokie” to the Foundation while Andy Suihkonen (left), Foundation Treasurer, and Dave Fleming (right), Foundation membership #1 witness the transaction.
Thank you, Duncan.

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