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C-124C “Globemaster II”



  • Wing Span: 174 ft. 2 in.

  • Length: 130 ft. 5 in.

  • Height: 48 ft. 3 in.

  • Maximum Speed: 300 mph

  • Service Ceiling: 21,800 ft.

  • Range: 4,030 Miles

  • Crew/Passengers: 5 crew, 200 passengers depending on configuration

  • Engines: 4 x 3,800 H.P. Pratt & Whitney R-4360 WASP Major radial engines

The "Globemaster" was America's largest and last propeller driven transport.  Built by Douglas Aircraft, it was the crowning addition to their already successful line of transport aircraft.  Its bloodline started with the DC-3/C-47, and continued through the DC-4/C-54 and the DC-6/C-118 line of airliners and military transports.

Capable of carrying 200 passengers or 68,500 pounds of cargo, the C-124 could move heavy equipment, troops and litter patients.  From 1959 to 1961, it transported "Thor" missiles across the Atlantic to England. The four 3,800 horsepower Pratt & Whitney R-4360 engines that powered the C-124 made her the "Queen of the Airlift Fleet.''

From the beginning, one of the major goals of the Travis Heritage Center was to have a C-124 in the collection.

In mid 1982, the museum was informed that a C-124 was available.  She sat derelict at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland, used as a storage shed for engine parts and served as a home for local animals.  Major George Anderson and SMSgt Dave Florek, both from the 60th Military Airlift Wing, inspected the C-124 in August of 1982.  With the cost of shipping the C-124 across country prohibitive, the decision was made to fly the aircraft back to Travis.

Many volunteers came from the east and west coast to help get "Old Shakey," as the C-124's were affectionately known, into flyable condition.  Members of the 116th Tactical Fighter Wing, Dobbins AFB, GA, aided in the restoration effort at Aberdeen and later at Dover AFB, DE.

Sldeshow: Recovery and Restoration of our C-124

After getting the C-124 into ferryable condition, she was flown to Dobbins AFB, GA, where the final restoration work was accomplished by the 116th in preparation for the cross-country flight to Travis.  After a stop at Norton AFB, CA, and a photo session over the Golden Gate, our C-124 arrived at the Travis Heritage Center at exactly 2:00 p.m. on 10 June 1984.

The many volunteer man hours that have gone into this restoration show both on the inside of the airplane and out.  During special, “Open Houses,” the C-124 is open for tours with entry through the massive clam shell doors in the nose.

Watch our C-124C a.k.a. "Old Shakey" Taking Off for its Final Flight to Travis Air Force Base

Another old video of "Old Shakey" Taking Off for its Final Flight Across Country
PLEASE NOTE: There is no sound with this video.

Information derived from, “Travis Heritage Center” by Nick Veronico, copyright Travis AFB Historical Society and Travis AFB Heritage Center Foundation.

This book is available from the Travis Heritage Center gift shop.

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