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PT-19 “Cornell”


  • Wing Span — 36'11.18"

  • Length — 27'8.37"

  • Height — 7'9.0"

  • Maximum Speed — 135 M.P.H.

  • Service Ceiling — 16,000

  • Range — 480 Miles

  • Crew — 1 student pilot and 1 instructor pilot

  • Armament — None

  • Engine — 1 x 200 H.P. Ranger L-440-3

The Fairchild "Cornell" series of aircraft was de­signed in 1938. A total of 7,742 "Cornelis" of all vari­ants were built.

In the United States, they served as the primary low wing monoplane trainer in the Civilian Pilot Training (CPT) program. Almost all of the "Cornelis" built were PT-19s, but some were modified with an enclosed canopy for use in colder training areas in the United States and Canada. These were given the designa­tion PT-26.

Aside from the United States and Canada, PT-19s were also operated by Brazil, Chile and other South American countries.

Our PT-19 was painstakingly rebuilt by Chuck Hunter, of Sonoma, California, and donated to the museum in July of 1983. The PT-19 is one of the highlights of our indoor display area.

Information based on, “Travis Heritage Center” by Nick Veronico, copyright Travis AFB Historical Society and Travis AFB Heritage Center Foundation.

This book is available from the Travis Heritage Center gift shop.

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